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Bob White
"H.P." Texturized Calf Starters
    • Coarse textured blend of steam flaked corn, cracked corn, oats, pelleted supplement and liquid molasses.
    • Medicated with Decox or Bovatec1 to prevent Coccidiosis in growing claves.
    • "All Natural" protein sources.
    • Fully fortified with vitamins, minerals and trace minerals.
    • Available as 18% protein with Bovatec or Deccox1; 20% protein with Deccox; and 22% protein with Bovatec or Deccox.
    • High energy, corn based coarse textured grain mix.
    • Very palatable and aromatic.
1Deccox (decoquinate) and Bovatec (lasalocid) are trademark names of ALPHARMA, Inc.
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