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             CUSTOM FEED MIXES

     In addition to the wide selection of our own line of BOB WHITE QUALITY FEED products Gerber & Sons can manufacture many types of CUSTOM MIXES for you using our proprietary feeds and premixes along and other ingredients we inventory at our mill. We can, and do, design and manufacture a variety of feeds for many of our customers, both large and small. This capability is well defined by parameters dictated by quantity ordered, ingredient availability, ingredient compatibility, texture of the feed, cost, and adherence to our quality control program.

     In addition to manufacturing “custom” feeds formulated for our customers by our own nutritional staff, we also welcome the opportunity to provide a quote to you on a custom mix of your own, or a formula derived by some other advisor who provides you with a formulation as long it meets the criteria mentioned above.

     For those with home grown grains who wish to bring them to our mill, we also have the capability of grinding and mixing those grains and returning them as a custom mixed bagged feed or bulk feed.

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