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Bob White
"D, F, & H Dry Cow Pellet"
    • Pelleted Feed.
    • "All Natural" protein sources.
    • Fully fortified with vitamins, minerals and trace minerals to meet the requirements of the non-lactating cow.
    • 22% protein level.
    • Formulated to balance a program utilizing corn silage and grass hay.

Bob White
"Soy Hull Pellets"
    • Can be used as a “Forage Stretcher” when forages are in short supply due to drought or inclement weather.
    • This is a medium-high energy feed which can be fed to all typed of cattle in any stage of growth or reproduction. Perfect choice for dry cows intended to be on a medium energy diet with low carbohydrates.
    • Low in starch to reduce digestive upset.
    • 11.5% protein guarantee.
    • Fortified with vitamins and trace minerals.
    • Very palatable and readily accepted.
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