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Sunglo Feeds
Show Pig 500 Series
Pelleted Complete Feed
    • 18% Protein, 1.0% Lysine, 5.5% Fat
    • Lower protein option that still delivers performance with a soft fresh look while keeping showring muscle shape
    • S-501 contains Tylan

Sunglo Feeds
Show Pig 800 Series
Pelleted Complete Starter Feed
    • The INDUSTRY LEADER to "maximize bloom and sale readiness"
    • Second stage feed that maximizes bloom on weaned pigs
    • Complete 1/8" mini-pellet
    • 19% protein, 1.4% Lysine, 5.5%Fat
    • Complete 1/8" mini-pellet
    • Contains CTC/Denagard

Sunglo Feeds
Show Lamb Creep 20-D
    • 1/8" pellet for baby lambs
    • 20% protein and contains milk, fish, and yeast products to develop the potential frame and muscling ability
    • Very palatable to encourage feed intake at an early age
    • May be fed for a few weeks past weaning to avoid a growth slump during that period
    • Contains Deccox

Sunglo Feeds
Show Lamb Pellet 18-D
    • A highly platable complete feed that is safe and easy to use
    • Balanced formulation of protein, fat, and fiber that keeps lambs on feed
    • Provides nutrients and protein sources that allow for good structural growth and a proper finish
    • Contains Ammonium Chloride for control of urinary calculi
    • Contains Deccox for prevention of coccidiosis
    • Feed with added roughagefor a grower diet or as the complete diet for finishing lambs

Sunglo Feeds
    • SUMO combines high quality fat and milk components in a unique blend to ensure immediate acceptance and rapid change in bloom and consumption
    • Sumo is a 70% fat source that can be used in ration mix or as a top dress
    • Feed rate: 1/8% to 1/2% body weight/day for desired condition
    • Do not exceed 6.5% total dietary fat in ruminant animals

Sunglo Feeds
Fresh Energy
    • Fresh Energy is a liquid oil top dress to add additional energy in the form of fat to the diet
    • Contains 2 1/4 times the level of calories compared to normal feed grains
    • A stabilized bleached oil that maintains quality and freshness over time
    • Contains a highly palatable flavor to encourage intake
    • Do not exceed 6.5% total dietary fat in ruminant animals

Sunglo Feeds
Power Up
    • POWER Up is deisnged to assist show animals in need of more energy and fatty acides to increase bloom, haircoat, and cover
    • Contains high levels of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids
    • Swine utilize POWER UP efficiently as a normal fat source
    • POWER UP is formulated with "Rumen Bypass" technology for use in sheep and goats
    • High platability and utilization to allow quicker changee in animal's composition

Sunglo Feeds
Cattle Power Up
    • Cattle POWER UP is designed to assist show cattle in need of more energy and fatty acids to increase bloom, haircoat, and cover
    • Formulated with "Rumen Bypass" technology
    • Contains high levels of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids
    • High palatability and utilization to allow quicker change in animal's composition
    • 3/16" pellets
    • Easy blending into texturized, pelleted, or meal complete feeds

Sunglo Feeds
Show Cattle Explosion
    • For increased rate of gain, improved feed efficiency and increased carcass leanness in cattle fed in confinement for slaughter the last 28 to 42 days
    • Added whey, milk, and barley
    • Provides a convenient method to use optiflexx to show calf rations
    • Optiflexx may improve ribeye area up to 0.5" (Elanco research findings)
    • Add to current ration
    • 1 bucket will feed 1 steer at 3/4 lb per day for 40 days

Sunglo Feeds
    • Full Tank is a nutritional product designed to increase the capacity and fill the stomach or rumen
    • Useful when the intake is restricted to limit weight gain
    • When limit feeding, adding FULL Tank maintains "gut fill" and keeps the fresh, expanded look
    • FULL Tank reduces stress level and hard look associated with a low feed intake
    • Contains a probiotic to aid digestive function
    • Pelleted (1/8") and works best when fed dry
    • Expands more than beet pulp and will retain more water than beet pulp

Sunglo Feeds
    • Final Control is a unique "top dress" product designed for use with Sunglo formulated show feeds when total feeds when total feed intake is being restricted to achieve desired body weight or condition.
    • Final control supplie critical nutrients needed to maintain muscle mass and shape during a "holding program"
    • Feed 1 to 2 lbs per head per day along with the amount of regular show feed needed to achieve the desired weight when restricting total feed intake to 4 lb per day or less

Sunglo Feeds
4 Sure
    • 4-Sure is a water-soluble electrolyte, amino acid, energy, and vitamin mixture to use during times of stress and during the final conditioning period prior to the show
    • Extremely palatable to encourage feed or water intake and provide supplemental nutrition
    • Use 5 oz per treatment thoroughly mixed in water or can be top dressed on feed

Sunglo Feeds
    • Definition is a water-soluble product containing a complex formula that has been researched to enhance appearance and definition of muscle as needed prior to entering the show or sale ring
    • Available in a pail of 20 packs (10-4 oz packets of Definition Base and 10-2 oz packets of Definition Activator)

Sunglo Feeds
    • InMotion is a joint, hoof, and skin conditioner. InMotion contains glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate at high levels along with Biotin and chelated trace minerals for complete joint and hoof care
    • Feeding InMotion in conjunction with Paylean may reduce pain associated with joint stress
    • Preconditioning with InMotion prior to feeding Paylean is ideal
    • FOr optimal joint health, glucosamine and chonroitin sulfate should be supplemented for at least 30 days

Sunglo Feeds
    • Epic is cutting edge technology
    • There's no melatonin
    • Like all Sunglo products, Epic is research based
    • Feed trials have shown that Epic produces the strongest results in the industry
    • Each bag will yield approximately 30 days of feed additive per animal

Sunglo Feeds
    • Explode is pelleted supplement containing Paylean designed to be mixed with Sunglo complete show feeds
    • In addition to Paylean, EXPLODE provides extra nutrition needed to maximize the Paylean response
    • Mix 1/2 lb of EXPLODE with 5 1/2 lb of show feed to obtain a 9 gram per ton level of Paylean

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