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Bob White
"39% Swine Concentrate"
    • Blend of soybean meal and other high quality protein sources intended for on-farm mixing with home grown grains.
    • Fully fortified with all major minerals, trace minerals, vitamins, and essential amino acids.
    • Can be used to make starter feed, grower feed, finisher feed, and gestation and lactation feeds. Can be medicated with a variety of medications that can be added at the on-farm mixer.
    • Floor stocked as a meal feed.
    • Very palatable and aromatic.
    • CONTAINS PHYTASE and MICRO AID TO REDUCE ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION!! Phytase is an enzyme that releases the undigestible phosphorus found in most feedstuffs, thereby requiring less phosphorus to be added to the feed. This results in less environmental phosphorus pollution. MICRO AID is a naturally occurring component of the yucca plant. By adding MICRO AID, the amount of ammonia excreted in swine manure is reduced by 46% on average, and also improves average daily gain. Economically, by adding PHYTASE and MICRO AID the cost of feed drops between $3.00 to $4.00/ton.
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