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Once you have ordered your feed - relax and leave the driving to us. Gerber & Sons is committed to delivering your feed in a timely and efficient manner. We will do everything we can to meet or exceed the delivery requirements stated below. Please note that the actual time and date of your delivery will depend on the time of day your order is placed.

  1. Order Lead Time: Bulk orders received by noon will ship the following day. Bagged orders must also be received by noon the day before and will ship in accordance with the below listed bag delivery schedule. Orders received after noon, or left on the answering machine at night, will not ship the following day. Please order by noon the day before your delivery day.

      Bag Feed Delivery Schedule

    Mondays & Thursdays:Counties of Holmes, Wayne, Ashland, Richland and North Knox.
    Tuesday & Friday:Counties of Tuscarawas, Guernsey, Carroll and Harrison.
    Wednesday:Counties of Coshocton, Muskingum, South Knox and East Knox.

  2. Delivery Area:Gerber & Sons base delivery area covers a 30 mile radius from Baltic. Deliveries outside this area may be subject to a freight surcharge. In addition these orders must meet our minimum order requirements. Freight surcharges, if applied, will be calculated on a cost / mile basis for every mile over 30 miles with a minimum surcharge of $5.00 per delivery. Note: the cost per mile will fluctuate based on current market pricing for diesel fuel.

  3. Minimum Order Quantity:Our minimum order quantity for delivered bagged feed is 500 pounds. Our minimum order quantity for bulk feed, manufactured and/or delivered, is 2,000 pounds. Our minimum order value for delivered retail items, not accompanied by a minimum feed order, is $150.00 (retail items are defined as non manufactured feed items).

  4. Delivery Stop Charge: In emergency casesGerber & Sons may approve delivering quantities below the required minimums. In these cases there will be a stop charge of $10.00 per delivery.

Thank you for your business and for allowing us to serve you !

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