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                 Forage Testing Lab

     Gerber & Sons has offered “In-House” forage testing services using our own N.I.R. lab since 1984. For our feed customers, we use this nutritional information as a ration balancing tool, and this service is provided as part of the complete nutritional package we offer. For those who are not feed clients, or for those using this information to market forages or obtain payments from government entities, there is a nominal charge of $20 per sample. We were the first feed company in Ohio to purchase N.I.R. (near infra-red reflectoscopy) testing equipment for testing forages. As new technology or techniques become available, we upgrade our capabilities and continue to offer free forage testing to our feed clients taking advantage of our nutritional services.

     N.I. R. analysis, which is fast, accurate, reliable, and repeatable, gives our nutritional staff the ability to offer recommendations and make quick adjustments to on-farm feeding situations that can change without notice.

     Like many other services we offer, our N.I.R. lab is a great SERVICE that our customers have come to rely upon to keep their feeding programs up to date, efficient, and cost effective.

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